Friday, November 14, 2008

What are Users Saying about AdSense?

It’s one thing to hear about all the great advantages Google AdSense offers, including how it can make money for you in your sleep. But it’s another thing to hear comments from real, live people. Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. We're seeing this impressive new revenue stream without incurring any cost. maximizing our previously unsold inventory, and our revenue per page figure continues to grow.. - Scott Zucker, Executive VP and COO, Intelligent Content Corp,

  2. It took no time at all to copy and post the code on individual pages, and it fits well with our content management system and with the look and feel of all our pages.. - Steve Larson, Founder,

  3. Instead of spending money to hire an additional sales rep to sell ad banners, Google ads have become a virtual sales tool for us. Now able to reap thousands of dollars in additional advertising revenue each month that we would very likely have missed without Google AdSense.. - Robert Hoskins, Editor and Group Publisher, Broadband Wireless Exchange

  4. Google shows targeted ads reflecting the sorts of information and services SeatGuru visitors want. For a small business like mine, this is the best approach to advertising. You set it up easily, it automatically serves relevant ads, and it takes very little of my time.. - Matt Daimler, Founder,

  5. At the beginning I was very concerned that I might lose traffic to competitors. I only used AdSense on a limited number of the site’s pages, and I watched the stats very carefully. If the traffic, pages per visitor, or conversion rates dropped I knew I could easily pull the ads...Since implementing AdSense, our ad revenue has increased more than tenfold, and 100 percent of my available inventory is now sold through AdSense.. - Vik Kachoria, Entrepreneur, Real Adventure.

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